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Proximity from the Nav Apartments Rota Spain

Thanks to its location, from Nav Apartments you have easy access and within walking distance to many key sites of the Andalusian coast:

1 hour from the paradise of the Costa de la Luz, as Conil, Zahara de los Atunes, Tarifa… close to the beach of Bolonia, which has been chosen as the second-best beach in Europe.

Half an hour from the capital of the province, Cádiz.

You can also enjoy a route through the famous white villages, among which is the one recognized as «the most charming town in Andalusia», Setenil de las Bodegas.

Half an hour from Jerez de la Frontera, world famous for its wines, Andalusian horses, flamenco …

Gastronomic routes in Rota

Gastronomic route through Rota!

 In Rota, as a town in the province of Cadiz, celebrations of gastronomic routes throughout the year are common. For example: «Rota spoon dishes»: for a month, numerous bars and restaurants in the town offer a typical spoon dish of the traditional cuisine of the area on their menu.
«Chicharroná»: chicharrones tasting accompanied by carnival performances held during the month of February.
«Erizá popular»: this is one of the most anticipated events of the year. To start the carnival, La Erizada is celebrated. It offers sea urchin in a carnival atmosphere. Its famous «Pizza Festival». Rota is one of the towns in Spain with more pizzerias per inhabitant in Spain due to its proximity to the Naval Base. Since 2018, its festival is celebrated with a great program of activities and parties. 

Nav Aparpartments Rota Spain

Rota local festivals

If you are looking for fiestas, you are in the right place.

Rota’s festive calendar starts with its famous Carnival in February and continues with its famous Easter Week a month later. During April/May, the Spring Fair is held, which offers the opportunity to discover the local gastronomy, music and wines in the same place. In August, the Feria de la Urta takes place, a popular festival where a competition is held for the preparation of the «urta a la roteña». To bring the calendar of festivities to a close, between September and October, the patron saint’s fiestas are held. For a week, the streets of the town are decorated for its patron saint.


Nav Apartments Rota Spain

pizzerias near navsta

Rota, el paraíso de la pizza

Due to its proximity to the Naval Base, Rota has become a pizza paradise in an attempt to approximate the culture of the Americans living in the area. It now has more pizzerias per capita than Naples itself, putting it at the epicentre.

With a thinner, crispier base, a delicate choice of toppings and homemade sauces, they have retained their essence. It is so important in the town that they celebrate the Pizza Festival.

The best pizzerias near NAVSTA Rota

Yolas Pizza
Pizzería Gallego
Pizzería Villa de Rota
Restaurante Pizza y Pasta

Fishing Pens

Rota, also known as the “Villa de los Corrales”, has a total of eight corrals or fishing pens, declared as the first Natural Monument in Andalusia by the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía.

When the tide rises, fish, cuttlefish and octopus enter the pens and are trapped in them when it goes down. That at the moment in which the fishermen catch them with traditional tools such as francajo, tide knife or tarara.

Between its walls, in addition to many other species, sea urchins, shrimp and crabs are shellfished, the most famous being oysters and barnacles.

The fishing pens of Rota were declared a Natural Monument by the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía.  With a total of eight corrals, the first natural monument declared in Andalusia, it comprises a small strip of Atlantic Ocean and beach, in front of the towns of Rota and Chipiona. These plots usurped from the sea represent a traditional way of taking advantage of resources since Roman times.

typical rota food

Urta a la Roteña

It is the most typical dish of Rota. Its main ingredients are urta, vegetables and tomato.

At first, this was a dish consumed by fishermen as it was little precious. It was not until the early twentieth century when there is evidence of its presence in the menu of a restaurant and very soon became famous throughout Andalusia.

Where to eat Urta a la Roteña in Rota?

Casa Emilio de Rota
El Embarcadero
Bodega El trompero

El Faro

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